Mysterious 27 and 53

Form 6 have been learning about weird and wonderful things.

This week in computing, Form 6 completed a quiz about Internet safety and, in particular, the impact of the choices we make. This could range from the sharing of information, accessing particular websites and how we treat fellow web surfers. The class then discussed these results and it was pleasing to see how many of the children were making good, mature choices. Mr Trigger also treated the children to a fun and interactive assembly on Tuesday, which coincidentally was Internet Safety Day.

Form 6 have been getting into their class book, Skellig by David Almond. The story of a young boy who finds a strange man/creature in his tumbledown garage has prompted discussions about the recurring themes of birds, angels, evolution and dreams. The children have been introduced to the British poet and artist, William Blake, whose poetry and ideas feature in the book and they have even learned a bit about the pneumatisation of birds' bones, human anatomy and arthritis, not to mention the mysterious 27 and 53!

Congratulations to this week’s badge winners: Bronze for Ava and white for Freja.

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