Beatle mania

This week, the Form7 House captains have clicked into action and begun to organise their house groups for the upcoming music competition.

They have been busy making props and planning how to get the best singing performances from their respective teams. Sneak onto Google Classroom if you want to find out which Beatles classic your children will be performing. The children will also find the lyrics there if they want to practise more.

Form 7 have also continued to go round in circles in maths lessons this week. Several members of the class are now accomplished at using a compass to draw accurately sized circles - a skill that proved very challenging when they began last week. This week, we have been using pi to check the accuracy of our measurements from previous lessons and have also used the number to calculate the area of circles. 

Finally, this week marked the beginning of the Amazon project, which will span a number of weeks. Although largely an English topic, this work will link learning from a range of other subjects. So far, the children have chosen their focus country and begun to research points of interest around them. I am looking forward to hearing about their findings and seeing what other learning this will inspire. 

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