Celebration of singing

On Monday, Form 6 travelled to Rochester Cathedral in order to attend the final rehearsals and perform as part of the IAPS Celebration of Singing concert, the first of its kind.

Form 6 worked hard during a long rehearsal, but they were then allowed some time to play with the other children in the grounds of King's Rochester. There were over 200 children performing and there was even an orchestra accompanying some of the songs which made it really magical - even if the bass drum made a few of the girls jump as they were standing right by it! The programme included some pieces by Vivaldi and Jenkins amongst others and each school also performed their own choral piece. Form 6 sang their own piece, Chattanooga Choo Choo, with great energy and conviction. Miss Norford even heard a parent from another school whistling it to themselves on the way home, which is always a good sign! 
Well done, Form 6. This took a lot of work but it was absolutely worth it as the concert was a great success - and a great treat to be able to sing in Rochester Cathedral.
Also, in maths this week, Form 6 were learning about time zones. They researched time differences in other countries using a world clock and compared them to the time here in Otford.
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