Christmas has arrived!

After decorating the classroom on Monday, part of the Form 7 children's attention turned to fact-finding.

Did you know that the first song ever played on a musical instrument in space was jingle bells? Did you also know that the first text message ever sent, way back in 1992, was simply the words Merry Christmas? Our Form 7s have been using their research skills this week to find out facts and pieces of information about Christmas that they think other children will find interesting. Their facts have then been collated and revealed each day as part of our advent calendar.

Following on from their presentations in assembly earlier in the term, the children have also entered the final stages of their app projects in computing. Having declared Kidz Pocket the winner, the children are now evaluating the effectiveness of their apps by providing both positive and critical feedback to each other. I wonder which app would be used the most in your household.

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