Different approaches

The Form 7 journalists report on their week.


Last Friday, four Form 7 pupils took part in the National Maths Championship quiz heats. They had to answer a range of challenging questions within a short time limit. 115 different schools took part and 389 individual pupils. We were amongst the top 40 teams, who automatically progressed to the semi-finals. Now we will take part in another quiz later in the term, to determine whether or not we make it to the finals at Oxford University.


Our Leavers’ Programme continued this week with a self-defence class and a physiotherapy course. In self-defence, we learned how to protect ourselves if a threat approached. We know that any kind of physical confrontation is the last resort. In physiotherapy, we first had to take a quiz to see how much we already knew about the spine. We also learnt that heart-shaped marshmallows are very similar to the disks in your back. We were shown which positions are bad for our back and some exercises that relieve the back and prevent future pains.













We had some outdoor lessons as it was Environmental Awareness Week. In Maths, we wanted to find shortcuts around school using measurements we had to make up, one of them including human children as units of measurement! It was a brilliant weather day for it and afterwards we wrote down our findings in our maths books. 

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