Everybody is going bananas!

It has been a very busy first week back after Half-Term for our Form 7s. Before the rest of the school had started their first lesson on Monday, we were packed up and off to Otford station on our trip to the Royal Courts of Justice.

We were amazed that the rooms we were allowed to go in had been used for real life trials in the past. It made everything feel very important and serious. We were shown to the places in the courtroom where the characters we had been assigned would have been placed. The mock trial then commenced. After consideration, the jury decided that Aimee was guilty and she was sentenced by Judge Clara. Many of us found it quite a difficult feeling to be responsible for making decisions about other people’s lives. This was especially true when we were told that the case we had acted out was a genuine one that had taken place at the Royal Courts in the past. We found out lots of other information and were surprised by the size and comfort of the room itself. Form 7 will revisit this idea of justice in their humanities lessons later in the school year.

The Amazon project has taken over many other facets of school life. In English lessons this week, the children have been learning about the journey of a banana. This began with a research lesson, where Mr Plant showed the class a banana’s journey from where it is grown, ripened and packaged to where it arrives in our supermarket, ready to eat. In English lessons, the children then wrote a diary as if they were the banana themselves.

In Maths lessons, we have learned how to find the volume of prisms, so that we could create labels for our Amazon themed shop. One of the ways that we did this was to use the method of displacement to see how much water would have filled our prisms.

Finally, it was London Fashion Week last week. I’m not sure how out of place some of our Form 7 outfit choices would have been from last Friday’s French lesson. The children worked in small groups to dress up in various items of clothing. Their team mates then had to describe what they were wearing, including the colour and any other small descriptive features. 


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