Experiments and excursions

We have had a fantastic week with many exciting experiences inside and outside of school.






In maths, we have been continuing our project work, where we have been investigating how to find the volume of 3D shapes. Last Friday, we used this skill to design and make tins with an Amazon theme. This week, our focus turned to spheres, with some interesting (and slightly wet) results!














In science, we have also been carrying out some practical work. We always find experiments fascinating and this one produced some very interesting further enquiries. Also, on Monday, we boarded a train at Otford Station and headed to London on our trip to the Science Museum. A few of our class members have written about their favourite parts below.

On Monday, we went to the Science Museum. It was really fun going on the train and doing all the activities. My favourite activity was the friction slides, where there were different slides made of different materials and you had to test which one made you go the fastest. The materials were artificial grass (which was the slowest), a plastic slide (which went second fastest) and a wooden slide (which went the fastest).

- Oliver L

We learnt about technology from years gone by, including the history of video games. We also went to the Wonderlab and we watched a chemistry experiment.

- George

The Science Museum was so fun. The first activity, which was also my favourite, was ‘power up’. There, we got to play games (not board games) and computer games. There were so many to choose from, including VR headsets, PC games and console games. I also loved the friction slides in the wonderlab.

- Barnaby

My favourite thing was the chemistry show in the Wonderlab. Firstly, the Explainer set a piece of paper on fire and we had to observe what the fire looked like. Next, she dipped the piece of paper in ethylene and we had to do the same. The fire burned brighter. After that, she dipped it in water and the process was repeated. Finally, she dipped it in a water and ethylene mixture and we had to observe one last time. The next experiment was the coolest. She put dry ice into a box. Dry ice is -78 degrees. Dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide and so if you scoop some up in a beaker, you can pour a seemingly empty beaker on a candle and the candle extinguishes. 

- Anders

I enjoyed an experiment where it looked like the water was rising. It did this because there was a light behind the water and it would flash faster than our eyes were able to see. The drop that we were seeing had gone, but a new drop was higher up, so it looked like it was climbing upwards

- Oliver C

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