Finders keepers

The RHPA egg hunt is always a very popular event on Form 7's calendar!

On Wednesday, we had an Easter egg hunt that was run by the RHPA. We had to go around the paddock finding clues and we had to get to a mystery location, using 4 questions that were given to us on a piece of paper. Answering these gave us a code to open a box with a bunny and chocolate. The first house to crack the code on their lock got to choose their chocolate first! Nightingale House won.

- Kamran

On Tuesday, we hosted Grandparents' Morning. The morning started with a performance by Chamber Choir, Choristers and a few soloists in the Russell Hall. Children then went to greet their grandparents and took them on a tour of the school, where they were able to see the classrooms with lessons going on.

- Oliver C



This week was also Science Week in school. We have taken part in lots of activities during lesson times involving the topic of recycling. Don’t forget to keep filling in your plastic tally charts at home, as these are due back in school next week. 

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