Halloween and recycling

Our topics this week in Russell Robins were Halloween and Recycling

We started the week by visiting our Russell House shop to collect our weekly supplies. All the children worked together to fill their shopping bags and once back in class, emptied their bags on the counter. Afterwards, the Robins enjoyed decorating recycling signs, using green paint and cotton buds. A discussion was had surrounding recycling and which items could be recycled. We regularly reuse plastic from our weekly shopping as plastic containers have many uses. 

Continuing with this topic, we watched a video on the CTOUCH and sorted a variety of objects into the correct bin.

It was also a spooky week in Robins. However, this year I decided against using decorative web outside as it can be harmful to wildlife. We still had lots of fang-tastic fun and the children enjoyed our Halloween snack time with our spooky friend FunnyBones and a decorative tablecloth. One of our Robins made a connection between FunnyBones and our Halloween decoration… I explained it was Daddy FunnyBones! The children have certainly become very attached to their friend but it won’t be long until Elvis the Elf joins us for our festive activities.

Form 2 visited us as part of their 3d shape hunt. They found lots of shapes in our front garden and they were able to record their findings on their activity sheet.

Our cooking activities this week consisted of fairy cakes, Halloween Delight Mousse and spooky sandwiches. There was a discussion around hot water during our mousse activity as we had to make the jelly first before adding a layer of Angel Delight. One of our Robins was able to explain that he saw steam rising from one of the jugs because the water was hot.

The chalk road received a Halloween revamp with 3 spooky castles, witches and ghosts. The Robins thoroughly enjoyed this and it promoted lots of exciting play, especially as one of the Robins brought a spooky hat to show their friends during Show and Tell.