Head over heels

We were delighted on Monday, to hear about the success of our Form 7 gymnasts in their regional competition last weekend.

They competed in floor and vault, which they had previewed to us in assembly last week. Well done to our mixed team, who earned a valiant third place. However, an extra congratulations has to go to our boys team, who came away with a spectacular first place and have now qualified for the national finals which is a tremendous achievement. It goes to show that all the children’s hard work in lessons and training pays off. 


It inspired many of our other budding gymnasts to try extra hard in their gym sessions this week. Form 7 has been working hard this term to develop their gymnastic skills into a routine that they will perform in a class competition at the end of term. The children have been working with a partner, who has been able to give them coaching advice and feedback to help them further develop their skills. It has been wonderful to see the progress that the children have already made this term. Some of the new skills that they have learnt include: backward rolls, handstand forward rolls, bridge kickovers and cartwheels. Two members of the class also performed their Sports Acrobatics routine to the class in preparation for the competition at the weekend.

Good luck to our gymnastic teams as they embark on another competition this Sunday. 

During class time, Form 7 have also been very busy in French and Science. Madame Boff was very impressed with the speed at which some children were able to solve addition and subtraction problems. Bravo les mathematiciens! Mrs Carn has also been impressed with the class, who have been exploring how to build series circuits as well as drawing accurate circuit diagrams of them. They investigated the conductivity of a range of material and were surprised to find that you could light a bulb running electricity through a pencil!

Form 7 thoroughly enjoyed the Samba workshop held this week, where they learnt how to play the instruments and beats of the Rio Carnival!

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