How to look after a T-rex

Form 4 has covered a range of interesting topics this week.

Form 4 has been focusing on data handling this week in maths. They have constructed and interpreted a range of graphs and charts and carried out a survey of favourite ice-cream flavours to use to make a pictogram.

In English, they have completed non-chronological reports about how to look after a pet. They were allowed to choose their own animals which were as diverse as fish and a Tyrannosaurus rex! They concentrated on using subheadings and making sure that all their information was in the relevant section.

In humanities, they found out about Anglo-Saxon villages and the importance of monks, and in science, they researched the life and work of Mary Anning.
French focused on clothing this week. The children practised the vocabulary for various different items of clothing by dressing up and naming the items that each child was wearing.
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