Scientific discoveries

Form 4 have been particularly busy in science this week.

They began by looking at the results of their eggshell experiment and very quickly came to the conclusion that the best things to drink to keep their teeth healthy were milk and water. They were particularly surprised by the condition of the shell that had been soaking in blackcurrant squash for the week.

Then they began making their t-shirt tummies. They drew their digestive systems on a t-shirt and tried to get the sizing as accurate as possible so that when they put the t-shirts on, everything was in the correct place.
In maths, they were given a series of challenge cards to do with weight, length or capacity. They had to choose suitable measuring equipment and objects around the room to complete them. One challenge was to find items that weighed exactly 1kg. The children persevered with various items around the room until they were spot on.
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