Seeds and languages

Our topic this week was Modern Foreign Languages and Seeds.

The Robins have very much enjoyed this week’s topics. We started the week looking at our special flower/ seed bag. A lot of my plants are producing seeds so I thought it would be a nice idea to share some with the Robins. The children enjoyed listening to the interesting facts and they each passed the seeds and plants to their friends. After our discussion, we took some of our seeds to Mrs Carn for her to use in the pond area. Continuing with our topic, we watched The Tiny Seed on our CTOUCH. This provided a great insight into the life cycle of a flower.

Our cooking activities consisted of apple and rhubarb cake, cinnamon buns and herby bread. We have incorporated music into our bread-making sessions. This makes it much more energetic and of course…fun! This week, we listened to Happy as we made marks in the dough. The children had previously picked rosemary from our Herb Garden so they sprinkled this on top, along with tomatoes from our vegetable planter. The Robins enjoyed cooking a variety of different foods from around the world and we also tried some for our snack. A couple of our Form 6 helpers enjoyed our tea party and they also enjoyed trying different foods as part of our topic. It is wonderful to see how much our Robins enjoy spending time with the older children and it’s lovely to hear how much Form 6 enjoy visiting us.

It has been great listening to the parents' feedback with regards to our cooking activities. In particular, one of our Robins shared our cooking trick of replacing an egg with applesauce! Good problem-solving!

Farm animals have been of interest this week, so the children were amazed to find a farm activity waiting for them on their return from lunch.