Such great sports!

A huge well done for Transition’s speedy legs and brilliant throwing, rolling, balancing and jumping in our Sports Day on Tuesday.

I’m sure you will agree that the children did lots of excellent listening to be in the right team and to stay in the right lanes during their races. I could not believe that all of the children ran an entire lap of the track - it was a very, very long way! It was exciting seeing all of the mummies, daddies, grandmas and grandads and Transition enjoyed cheering on the Nursery and Form 1 children. Thank you for all of your support and cheering. What a brilliant morning we had.

Our theme this week has been Under the Sea. We had a fantastic carpet time, where the children named as many sea creatures as they could. We reached ten sea creatures as a team. The children were very interested to learn about the life cycle of a sea turtle. We learnt tricky new words such as hatchling (baby turtle) and juvenile (teenage turtle). We loved watching videos of the hatchlings crawling along the beach and adult sea turtles swimming in the ocean. Some children chose to cut out and order pictures of the sea turtle's life cycle during their play.

We have enjoyed sharing the storybook Sharing a Shell this week and thinking about times when we are good at sharing in Transition. It has been lovely to notice all the excellent sharing that Transition children can do all the time in school. We enjoyed decorating shiny and sparkly shells to celebrate how well we can share!

Our letter sound was t this week. It was very exciting to notice that the turtles that we learnt all about began with t! We thought of lots of other ideas including; t-shirt, tiger, tongue and truck.

There has been lots of sea-themed play this week, including creating water slides for the sea creatures, printing fish scales using celery, making mermaid tails with playdough and creating a shark with lots of teeth!

On Thursday, Transition thoroughly enjoyed French Day. It was lovely to see the children all dressed up in their French colours. We started French Day off by trying some French foods. The children tried a little bit of croissant, baguette, cheese and crêpes. A firm favourite was definitely the crêpe! We then enjoyed learning all about France, saying bonjour and creating French flags and lovely Eiffel Tower pictures. It was a special treat to have lunch outside with our sandwiches and we were very grateful for the lovely sunny weather.

Another very busy week is over in Transition and we look forward to next week!


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