Summer is here

This week in Form 1, the children have enjoyed starting their topic all about summer!

We discussed how the weather is warming up now we are further into summer and how lovely it is to be outside more in the sunshine.

The children loved taking part in our Pre-Prep Sports Day on Tuesday where they ran their races brilliantly, showing excellent team work. All their practice definitely paid off and I am sure you will agree they did a wonderful job. When we later discussed our Sports Day, the children said how much they loved having all their mums and dads watching and cheering them on- so a big thank you from them for making it so special! Form 1 carried out their races showing lots of determination, a sprinkle of healthy competition and, more importantly, with huge smiles throughout. It was a fantastic morning and one I am sure the children will remember fondly.

On Wednesday, the children wrote about their Sports Day experience during their literacy lesson. Looking through all the photographs on the CTouch board, the children shared their favourite races with one another and they loved seeing themselves taking part in all the fun. The children then wrote about which colour team they were in and their favourite races, adding a little picture to their work.

During their free play, a group of very creative children made a representation of Sports Day, using the wooden blocks, fairies and compare bears. It was very inventive and a brilliant use of open-ended resources.

This week in maths, the children have been learning all about money and how to combine different coins to make a total. The children were able to grasp the concept that 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins have different values and that by adding them together they could make the totals needed. The children explored the money and were able to pay for their ice creams using different combinations of coins. All their addition work last week really supported their understanding of adding amounts together. Some children even enjoyed the challenge of using the fewest coins possible to make the totals.

On Thursday, Form 1 enjoyed French Day and everyone came dressed in blue, white and red to mark the occasion. In the classroom, they played in the bakery and made croissants, baguettes, pain au chocolate and crêpes using salt dough. Lots of French flags were painted, models of the Eiffel Tower were built in the block area and hats made using blue, white and red tissue paper. The children learnt about France, its landmarks and the food and drink that originate from there. Lots of children said they enjoy pastries, bread and cheese at home, however there were not many keen to try escargots!  We also learnt about the Summer 2024 Olympics that are being held in Paris and designed some medals for the events that are taking place.

At lunch, the children enjoyed a French-themed picnic on the Paddock and luckily the weather was just perfect. After returning from a rather warm playtime, they enjoyed cooling down in the classroom and together watched an episode of Peppa Pig…. in French! The children loved hearing their favourite characters speaking in another language and they recognised lots of words. We also counted up to 10 in French and practised saying hello, goodbye, thank you, please, yes and no

We continue to rehearse for our Pre-Prep Celebration event which is taking place in the final week of term and the children are becoming more confident to recite their poem and sing their songs.

Another busy but brilliant week in Form 1!


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