The journalists are on it

This week’s bulletin marks an exciting point in the year, where writing duties have been passed over to the Form 7 pupils. Each week from now, the bulletin that you receive will come from a team of our own young journalists, who have given up their time to keep you updated about what they have been up to.

All of Form 6 and Form 7 were involved in doing an important selection quiz in our maths lesson on Monday. Only four pupils could make it through to the National Championship Heats, which took place on Friday (we will let you know how we got on next week). The four pupils who scored the highest, and were therefore selected, were all from Form 7 and we are looking forward to finding out how Lucy, Anders, Mia and Aimee get on when they represent the school. We have also been learning about Pythagorus in Maths this week. Be sure to ask us how we can find the missing side of a right-angled triangle.








Last Friday, the Form 7 Leavers took part in the public speaking heats. Mrs Reay, Mrs Semmens and Ms Norford judged who would be going through to the finals. Everyone made very impressive speeches. It depended on their engagement with the audience, articulation, physical movement and strong points. Before swimming, Mrs Reay announced that Izzy, Anders, Grace, Annebella, Bella and Isla were selected as the finalists. The final took place in the Russell Hall, in front of the main school, with Mr McCarthy, Mrs Curling and Mr Plant as the judges. This year was slightly different as the judges reserved the right to ask any question they liked to the public speaker. All the finalists spoke brilliantly. Topics included; Should humans live on Mars, Should animal testing become a thing of the past, and Should vapes be made less appealing to children. We all would like to congratulate this year’s winner!

On Thursday and Friday, Form 7 had to audition for the play. Our play is called Mission Implausible and there are three different groups of people to audition for. We auditioned by performing little sections of the play in small groups. The groups were politicians, MI5 agents and the baddies. We had three different scenes to audition for the first round and three different songs for the second round. We can’t wait to find out who we have been cast as.

Next week, Form 7 will be busy once again, when we will take part in a self-defence and a physiotherapy sessions. 


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