Wow, what a week!

Form 7 have had some real wow moments this week.

There was great excitement in Mr Trigger’s computing assembly this week, where Form 7 were tasked with presenting their ideas for a new app to the school. The children had to think of a gap in the market, where their app could solve a problem or help in a way that does not already exist. Ideas ranged from being able to take a photo of your fridge and receiving a recipe for meals that you could make, to ways of accessing missed sports matches all in one place. The school voted Kidz Pocket as their winning app as it was something that many of them could imagine using themselves.

The children have also enjoyed lots of their mathematics work this week, where they have been interpreting and creating time/distance graphs. Once they had shown that they could read and understand examples, the children drew their own, including a scale and accurate measurements. These ranged from telling the story of Anakin Skywalker running away from droids, to Bob the Builder heading off to a job. Very creative thinking!


The week was capped off with a few wow moments at the gymnastic assembly, where several of our class stole the show with their fantastic routines. This was the culmination of weeks worth of intense practice. Well done to the children involved and good luck with your regional competition this weekend. 

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