Science Museum trip

Form 7 went to the Science Museum this week and reported back on the experience.

My favourite experiment was friction and heat. There was a thermal screen with a camera and we put our hand on something cold and the other hand on something warm and when we showed our hands to the camera we could see that each hand was a different colour to show that one was warm and one was hot.

You could also rub your hands together and it would show a bright red mark to show that your hands are really hot!

We also went down three slides and we could tell which slide created the most friction because there were different materials – one was plastic, one was wood and one was astroturf. We discovered that astroturf created the most friction so was the slowest and wood created the least amount of friction so it was the fastest.

Here are the top three things I learnt:

  1. The first ever phone call was from Queen Victoria to the President of America in 1858 and the travel of the message took less than one second. It was very fast!
  2. I learnt that if a light is shone at the bottom of a fibre, the light will only come out the top because the light will bounce off the inside of the fibre.
  3. I learnt how to use a dial phone. It is quicker to dial lower numbers and takes a long time to dial lots of nines!
  4. I learnt that the science museum is very cool!

By William F

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