An absolute inspiration

It's been a busy and fun Book Week and the class has been inspired throughout the week.

Our visit from author, Thomas Taylor, got them thinking about the everyday artefacts they might find in their local environment as story starters and they loved looking at mermaids' tears, fish scales and magic gems (sea glass, shells and uranium glass which glows in UV light) all found on his local beach in the south of England. As an illustrator, Thomas also showed them how to turn an everyday scribble into a character and then from that, create a personality and a story. 
The children have been excellent in helping the younger classes out this week. On Monday, several helpers supported the Form 2 and Form 3 children doing their Inter House Book Quiz and on Friday, the class was in charge of the Book Week Code Cracker at break time. 
Thursday's costume day was a great success and Form 7 performed in assembly, telling the rest of the school about the history of books. Did you know that in some places, people made paper out of mulberries, hemp and even fish? Yuck!
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