Introducing Russell Bucks

It has been a typically busy week for F7. They have been working hard to finish off their Amazon projects, which concludes seven weeks of hard work in English and humanities. Mr Plant and Mrs Reay are really looking forward to looking through the completed projects, which include poetry, art, fact files, myths, river and mountain studies and a whole lot more.

The children were also delighted to welcome some of their grandparents to the school on Grandparents' Morning and other members of the class took on the role of guide for the grandparents of the younger children. 
Mr McCarthy started the Mother's Day celebrations with an assembly on Monday for which several pupils had written poems about what their mothers mean to them. There were a few tears and sniffles from the mothers on the staff as they read these to the school.
Thank you to the RHPA for the Mother's Day stall on Wednesday - the children are very excited to give their gifts to their mothers on Sunday.
Congratulations to the member of Form 7 whose idea was chosen as the name for our new Russell House currency. We now deal in Russell Bucks! Congratulations also to one of the pupils for achieving a Merit in her Grade 3 singing exam.
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