The amazing Amazon

Form 7 have had a very productive term.

Almost two months of hard work came to an end this week with the Amazon projects completed and handed in. Next term, the rest of the school will have the chance to look at them, as they will be displayed in the library. Well done, Form 7 for all of your efforts.
Now, the class is moving on to preparing for the first event in next term's Leavers' Programme; the Public Speaking Competition. Subject matter ranges from human rights and sports people's pay, to planetary migration and bringing extinct species back from the dead.
In maths, the children have been using complex calculations to create cylinders and fitting labels for their products; Pickled Pretzels, Canned Tubby Custard, Pelly (peanut butter-jelly mixed) and intergalactic space mole food.
A lot of fun was had during the RHPA's Easter Egg Hunt out on the paddock. Form 7 completed the challenge in their Houses, with Fry being the first to crack the code.
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