A new journalism team

Meet our Journalists
Hello, our names are Amber, Kayla, Maia, Niah and Nicole and we are the Form 7 journalists. We all love writing, drawing, photography, cooking and singing! Although we are very different, and have many other passions, we are still very good friends and get along well! We are very, very excited to be Form 7 journalists.

On Wednesday, we started something new in our gymnastics lesson; sports acrobatics. We started by watching videos of professional acrobats flipping and literally chucking each other in the air and then catching them, as well as balancing on each other's hands and posing. Then, after the videos, we got into groups and started doing poses! It was a really fun challenge and we can’t wait to do more.

On Thursday, Form 7 have been doing Compass for Life as part of their Leavers' Programme. Compass for life is when we learn about our goals in life and how to achieve them. We thought about it firstly like it was a road; you think it’s going to go how you visualise it, but it ends up becoming a challenge and doesn’t go to plan. We had milestones representing goals in life and at the end of the road there was a super north star representing your biggest goal. We also had to fill in boxes about your team in life, for example, friends encouraging you and your passion. We thought about strengths, like what you're good at or enjoy. Lastly, we looked at values, things in life like love, kindness, respect and trust. We also had games in between and we watched videos about jobs and fairness. Everybody in the class really enjoyed the program.

The Inter House maths competition was very competitive! Everyone had to answer a series of questions, from multiplying an dividing, to fractions decimals! The four houses all took part, namely Johnson, Fry, Cavell and Nightingale. Each individual had to get as many points as they possibly could by answering all the questions in the amount of time we had. Then, all the points were added up and... Nightingale won!

The Form 7 Public Speaking Competition marked the pinnacle of several weeks of hard work for Form 7. The six finalists spoke about colonising Mars, athletes' pay, screen time, a world without money, fast food and human rights. The quality of the content, enthusiasm and engagement with the audience was outstanding and our external judge gave each competitor some excellent feedback. Very well done to our winner for his confident and thoroughly researched talk on the real truth about fast food and enormous thanks to Mrs Emily McCarthy, Head of English at King's Rochester, for such a wonderful job judging the competition. 


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