A week in France

Form 7 are on their way back from a fantastic week in France.

Form 7 arrived in great spirits at Château de Warsy after a very smooth ferry crossing and road trip.

The trip to the Somme was rainy but Form 7 enjoyed a very interesting day with a weapons demonstration at the museum in Albert.

The museum in Albert provided a wonderful opportunity Form 7 to orient themselves on the Somme and learn about life in WWI.

They had some deeply reflective moments at the Thiepval monument, the Beaumont Hamel and Loch Nagar.



After a good night's sleep back as camp, it was time to explore Amiens with the famous markets and the beautiful cathedral. Form 7 did really well with ordering lunch in French, which make Madam Boff very proud.

A trip to France would not be complete without a day in Paris and Form 7 were great sports, even willing to try the local delicacies of snails and frog legs. However, it is apparent that icecream remains the firm favourite choice, so it's safe to say that parents do not need to be concerned that the garden snails will be gathered up upon Form 7's return.

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