Safety at the seaside

It has been humanities week and there was lots to learn about history, music and how to be safe at the seaside.

On Thursday we had a very interesting assembly about safety on the seaside. We had a volunteer from the RNLI talk to us about the work, uniforms and different coloured flags of lifeguards. We learnt that you can swim between the red and yellow flags, and you can go sailing or surfing or paddling between black and white flags. A solid red flag means that the beach is closed and that no one should enter the water. He also told us a story about an 11-year-old boy who got blown out to sea on an inflatable boat. Thankfully he got saved by the lifeguards, but it took many hours to find him and it was a very important story for us all to hear.

Three musicians from Kent Music came into school to show us some instruments and play us some pieces, calling their presentation Bach to the Future. The instruments they showed us included a violin, trumpet, clarinet and, everyone's favourite; an electric violin! They also showed us how to make some of the instruments at home. If you get a hose pipe and a funnel, you can make a trumpet. We also did some fun karaoke! Overall, we learnt a lot about the different instruments and how they work and it was one very fun hour!

This week, as part of our Leavers' Programme, a Life Skills visitor talked to us about understanding our bodies and about growing up.

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