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Our Form 7 journalists report on the activities of the week.







In the Music Assembly, there was a mixture of singing, piano, violin, ukulele and drums. There was a myriad of different forms performing. It was a great assembly and everyone did very well! We also congratulated those who had performed in the Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival last weekend, whether it was for performing solo or as part of the Chamber Choir.

In maths, we have been learning about binary coding. For some children it was complicated, but in the end we all got it. We now know how to subtract and add in binary.  Next, we will be learning about how to multiply and divide binary.

In our French lessons, we have been writing descriptions (in French, of course). We wrote about what we look like, what we enjoy doing, our family, our name and other things. We also did a little game once everyone was finished. The game was that Madame Boff chose a random book and read the description. Then, we all had to guess the person that wrote it. We all really enjoyed writing our descriptions! The best descriptions will go to Mr McCarthy so that he can read them.


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