The case draws to a close

This week, some of the Form 4 children performed in the Music Assembly and sang with confidence.

Form 4 have started writing autobiographies this week. They discussed what the difference between a biography and autobiography was and they then planned their own, thinking about amusing stories or anecdotes from their younger years. They particularly enjoyed looking at pictures of themselves back in their days in Robins and Nursery. 
In maths, they have been using Venn and Carroll diagrams to collect information. They found out that ice cream, cuddly toys and baby animals were particularly popular amongst the class. They then used the information to write facts about the class' likes and dislikes.
The children are now much closer to uncovering the wheelbarrow thief. They carried out a chromatography experiment to find out whose pen was used to write the shopping list found at the scene and they used the microscopes to analyse the hair and fabric samples. Several members of staff have now been cleared of suspicion as a result.
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