Cheeky dogs and furry cats

What another busy week for Transition! This week’s theme was all about pets.

We started the week off with Circle Time, where the children could share if they already have any pets. It was very interesting hearing all about the cheeky dogs and furry cats that some of the children have at home. We all shared our ideas on which animal they would choose if they could have any pet. Hamster was a popular choice for this one. We used our class puppy to pass around the circle, following the rule of only talking if you were holding the puppy. The children displayed fantastic listening skills during our Circle Time.

We also used a tally chart to count and record the number of children that liked different pet animals. It was tricky to remember to cross through at number 5, but the children did a fantastic job at reminding me.

We enjoyed reading the story, The Great Pet Sale, and practised our number recognition to find the correct price tag for each of the animals in the story. We have also enjoyed reading That Pesky Rat this week whilst eating our snack outside, in the (intermittent) sunshine.

We have had lots of fun taking care of different pets in our vets and building homes for different animals including a pets hotel! The children enjoyed making different pet crafts throughout the week during their play.

Our letter sound this week has been a. We thought of lots of words including apple, ant, antennae and astronaut. The children are now drawing fantastic pictures for our letter-sound of the week and are making super progress in recognising the initial sounds.

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, we were very lucky to be able to visit the RHPA Father’s Day stall. All the children thought carefully about which gift their daddy would like and were very pleased with their purchases. We have also been busy making Father’s Day cards and a special craft for the dads! I wish you a very happy Father’s Day on Sunday with your families.

We have continued to work hard at practising our songs for the Pre-Prep Celebration and the races for Sports Day. The children are very excited to get to show all of the mummies and daddies all of their hard work.

Finally, Transition were awarded their final marble from Mrs Cooper for their super assembly last week. This meant that our good choices jar was full and Transition could enjoy a class treat! After a class discussion about what the children would like their treat to be, we settled on a disco in the hall! On Friday, the children enjoyed dancing around the hall with their friends to lots of different songs including Let It Go, Pump It Up and Freeze Dance. The children have been making super choices in school to earn their class treat and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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