Chemical bonds

In science this week, Form 6 has been learning about the Periodic Table and how elements can be chemically bonded together to create a compound.

The class also learnt how a mix of elements is different to a compound. They watched Mrs Carn burn magnesium in air, so that it reacted with the oxygen to make magnesium oxide and it produced a very impressive bright flame. They also looked at the elements iron and sulphur, a mixture of the two and a compound of the two, and they observed the differences in their physical properties.
Despite the rainy weather this week, the children have been able to further develop their catching skills in cricket. Mr Trigger organised some fun activities in the Russell Hall, focusing on catching with one hand, two hands and diving catches. As you can imagine, the diving catches were very popular!
On Friday, all of School Council joined Form 6 for Form Time and they gave the class a very helpful insight into what life is like being a member of School Council. They have to attend regular meetings with Mr McCarthy (biscuits provided), plan and organise House Assemblies and other events and be able to speak in front of others. The children in Form 6 were able to ask questions and their job is now to make their final decision about whether to stand for next year's School Council.
Children have now got just over two weeks to prepare their speech for the School Council Hustings on Monday 10th June. Good luck!
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