Fingerprints are unique

In Form 1 this week we have been continuing our topic all about people who help us and focused on the police.

Children have been learning all about the different responsibilities which a police officer might have and the equipment they use each day. The children were excited to learn that there are police officers that work on the sea, in the air and on the land! We also learnt about the very special animals that help the police and how horses and dogs play their part in keeping us safe. Form 1’s roleplay space has been transformed into a Police Station this week, complete with a jail and office space to carry out detective work. Plenty of fun has been had, taking it in turns answering the phone, writing messages and putting baddies in prison!

The children learnt that taking people's fingerprints is something the police do to help them solve crimes. The children loved having their fingerprints taken and looked closely at the different patterns on each of their fingers. We learnt that everyone's fingerprints are unique to them and thought about how special that makes each one of us. 

At snack time, the children have enjoyed some autumn-themed stories inspired by the seasonal changes taking place at the moment. A favourite with the whole class has been Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. This story inspired the children to want to make their own pumpkin soup, which we all thought was a great idea!

Together we read the recipe and then sequenced each step before making the soup. All the children took part by chopping the pumpkin, peeling the potatoes and watching as the stock cube dissolved in the warm water. Once cooked, everyone took turns using the blender to blend everything together! The children also made their own bread to accompany their soup which was really fun. In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed trying the soup and delicious bread with butter. To finish off the activity, the children wrote an evaluation and everyone agreed that they are looking forward to their next cooking project.

In maths, the children have been learning about 2D shapes, thinking about the number of sides and corners as well as the length and shape of each side. Using art straws, the children had some really good ideas about how to make their own shapes. Lots of great mathematical thinking came into play as the children used different strategies to ensure their shapes were the correct size. Measuring the art straws against the plastic shapes and marking where to cut became a popular strategy. The children worked accurately to create some wonderful shapes and even managed to make a tricky circle using pipe cleaners.

During our Pre-Prep assemblies, we have introduced an opportunity to celebrate the learning achievements of the children across the whole of the Pre-Prep. Each week we celebrate a child from each class by sharing their achievement with everyone and giving them a big round of applause to say well done. Each child receives a leaf with their name and reason on and this is proudly displayed in the classroom on our class tree. This week's children were very proud and it was lovely to celebrate the children in this way.

We have also had fun making our Christmas card designs, but I am sure the children would like this to be kept as a surprise until next week when they bring their work home for you to see!

Another wonderful week in Form 1.


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