Good fortune and joy

Our topics this week in Robins were Chinese New Year, Kindfulness Week, Mindfulness Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day. 

Wow! The Robins have enjoyed such a busy week. The children liked choosing their resources/ materials to make their Chinese dragon. Lots of sparkles were used and the Robins used glue to attach the head and tail. We spoke about Chinese New Year and the colour red as this colour symbolises good fortune and joy. The children were super excited with their lucky red envelopes. Some of the children recognised Percy the Pig on the pink coins. They each counted 3 coins and carefully placed them inside their envelopes/ wallets.

Following on with our topic, we spoke about chopsticks and I must say a special thank you to Wagamamas at Bluewater for kindly donating some chopsticks for all the children in Pre-Prep. The Robins enjoyed adding these to their special bags, along with a fortune cookie and red envelope.

Lots of fun was had exploring the noodle (wool) tray. The Robins persevered with using tweezers to transfer noodles to the Chinese takeaway boxes. Whilst on the subject of takeaways, we made a pizza delivery to Mrs Tickner, Miss Norford, Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy. They were all overjoyed with their yummy pizzas. The children enjoyed kneading their pizza dough to make it fluffy and stretchy. Tomato puree was added to the children’s pizzas and they used their spoons to spread it around so all the dough was covered. Lastly, the Robins sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top and we spoke about popping them in the oven to cook.