Let's have a summer picnic

This week in Form 1, the children had the treat of watching the Form 6 and Form 7 dress rehearsal for their summer production of Mission Implausible and they have continued their topic on Summer.

The children enjoyed the jokes and they absolutely loved the songs. We all agreed that the children performed brilliantly and we’re sure the show will be a success! Form 1 were a great audience and their behaviour was excellent throughout.

On Tuesday, the children all came to school looking extremely smart and ready to show their best smile for the whole school photograph. For some of the children, this was their first experience of such a large group photograph and they were simply fantastic! They listened carefully to all the photographer's and Mr McCarthy’s instructions and were very mature and sensible, so a big well done to them.

The children have continued their topic on Summer and this week they have enjoyed the book The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. This funny story is about some very cheeky seagulls who gobble up the poor lighthouse keeper's picnic lunch every day as it is winched along a rope to reach the lighthouse. The gulls are finally deterred from eating the food when the lighthouse keeper's wife puts in yucky mustard sandwiches! This started the children thinking about the things they would like in a picnic and their likes and dislikes.

During literacy, the children cut out pictures of things they would like in a picnic and added them to their picnic basket-shaped pieces of paper. The children then wrote a list to accompany their pictures. The children had lots of fun imagining what they would like in a picnic and they all agreed that mustard sandwiches would not feature!







In maths, the children have continued to learn about money and have moved onto working out the quickest way to make larger totals. Using what they knew about teen numbers, the children understood that when making values between 11p and 19p, that a 10p coin would be the best strategy. Using Numicon tiles also helped the children make this link. The children enjoyed pretending to pay for picnic items using the real coins and they are much more confident at identifying the different coins quickly.

This week, the children have been finding out how to keep safe in the sun. We discussed all the good things about the sun, such as providing us with vitamin D, the importance of playing outside and enjoying the fresh air as well as it being essential for plants to grow. The children then moved on to the dangers of the sun and they all identified that sunburn is not only unpleasant but harmful for our bodies. The children discussed all the ways to keep safe in the sun such as wearing suntan lotion, drinking water, wearing a hat and sunglasses, playing in the shade and wearing shorts and t-shirts to cover up. The children then made some great sun safety posters demonstrating a super understanding of how to keep safe.

The children have enjoyed listening to stories outside in the warmer weather and they have had some extra visits to the paddock to play in the shade or to use the larger climbing equipment. Staying cool has been the aim of this week so plenty of water play has been encouraged!

Rehearsals for our Pre-Prep Celebration have continued and the children have been practising their songs, poem and, importantly, how to shake hands with Mr McCarthy. 

Preparing for this event really does highlight that the children are very close to saying goodbye to the Pre-Prep and embarking on their next adventure in the Main School. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge well done to all the children, they have been a delight to teach and I hope they all enjoy a very well earned break over the summer!


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