Moon scones and star bread

Our topics this week were Environmental Awareness and Space. 

Our first job on Monday morning was to collect our shopping from Mrs Tickner. Each Robin chose items to carry back to class in their brightly coloured shopping bags. Once back in class we emptied our bags and placed the shopping on the kitchen counter. Fantastic teamwork, Robins!

The Robins have enjoyed our space-tastic activities which ranged from a planet-themed sensory tray to finding aliens around our garden areas. The children had lots of fun finding the cheeky aliens and they were able to identify which ones were the smallest and the biggest.

At the start of the week, the Robins enjoyed exploring our space sand. Inside the tray were wiggly squiggly aliens. The space theme also continued into the Kim’s Game and the children enjoyed remembering each space-related object.

Our cooking activities consisted of moon scones and star bread. The Robins had lots of fun mixing the scone ingredients to form a big doughy ball. Each child added a different ingredient and had a turn at mixing. We then used a rolling pin and a cutter to make our moon shape.

Lots of fun was had this week during our new activity Dough Disco. Everyone wiggled and jiggled to the music. The Robins copied my lead and they were able to copy a variety of finger exercises/ movements to support their fine muscle control. Our movements included patting, poking, rolling and squeezing.

On Wednesday afternoon, the children persevered with spreading their toppings on their bread to make sandwiches. The Robins did a great job and, I must say, what great appetites they have… I think it must be due to all our energetic activities!

Continuing with our topic, during Talk for Learning we spoke about how we could look after our world by thinking about how we could reuse materials rather than throwing them away. The children reused some plastic containers during our malleable activities and they liked popping the playdough inside the plastic containers. A discussion was had around turning off lights to save electricity and ensuring the taps are always turned off after using them.