Mystery solved

The children also finally found out who had taken the violin.

They weighed up all the evidence that they have analysed over the last few weeks and unanimously decided that Mrs Curling was the culprit. They put their evidence to Mr McCarthy who then summoned Mrs Curling for a trial. She tearfully explained that she hadn't meant to permanently take the violin but she had tripped over while borrowing it (and carrying an egg!) and spilt egg white all over the case. When she tried to wash the case at home, it had shrunk and she was then too embarrassed to take it back. The children are pleased to know that the violin is now safely back with Miss Norford.
Form 4 performed an assembly this week, telling the rest of the school about all the exciting things they have done this term. Camp featured heavily but so did sports fixtures, the rock workshop, Greek week and the visit from Lullingstone. The children produced their own slides and spoke confidently to the rest of the class.
In maths, the children have been consolidating their learning of shape and have been busy creating tessellation patterns and making 3D shapes using nets.
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