Nutrition and hydration

This week’s topics in Robins were Nutrition and Hydration Week and Science Week. 

We started the week with a discussion about eating healthily. The Robins were able to identify a variety of fruits and vegetables. It was very interesting to learn some German and Italian words as we embraced some of the children’s heritage languages. The Robins favourite word was pesca which is the Italian word for peach. 








The Robins enjoyed making seeded bread rolls and lots of fun was had, making marks in the flour and they used their strong muscles to knead the bread dough.

Following on with our topic, the children had lots of fun, adding a selection of fruits to their paper plates to make their very own fruit salad. The children were able to identify all the fruits which was fantastic.

As part of Science Week, we took part in a fun experiment. During carpet time, we added celery to glass jars and then added water, filling the jars half way. The last step was to add food colouring and we chose a dark green and blue. Each child took turns and it was great to observe the changes over the morning. In fact, it took 3 hours for the celery to absorb the food colouring, which then changed the colour of the leaves. The blue celery looked very pretty. Our beans are also doing very well and we managed to transfer some to our planter. Hopefully the other beans will be ready next week so fingers crossed for some warmer. The children have enjoyed looking at the root systems and how they have grown at various rates, due to the different materials. 










On Wednesday, the children were very excited to find a farm shop role-play area in class. This activity consisted of real vegetables and it was wonderful to hear the language from their play. Afterwards, we made a yummy vegetable soup which consisted of celery, leek, red pepper, potato and vegetable stock. The Robins also made a soup delivery to Mrs Parker and Mr McCarthy. They were thrilled with their soup and little bread and butter parcels. 

As Easter is approaching, the children enjoyed some delicious hot cross buns for their snack. They certainly enjoy snack time in Robins and it is always so lovely to hear their wonderful manners.

We learnt some new songs in music and the song about a cheeky dog called Buster was a fond favourite. The children enjoyed exploring the variety of instruments and they were then rotated around the circle, so each child experienced a different musical instrument.

The children did an excellent job collecting all the eggs and chicks during their Easter Egg Hunt. The Robins were thrilled with their chocolate eggs and couldn’t wait to take them home!

Following on from our music session with Miss Norford, we enjoyed a walk to The Farm, followed by a hot chocolate treat on the rainbow bench.

This will be our last bulletin for the Spring Term and we look forward to welcoming you back in the Summer Term, along with some new Robins and their families. We will also be saying goodbye to some of our children as they leave their nest, ready for their next challenge in Nursery.

Next week’s topic is Holi Festival (Colour, Love and Spring) and, of course, there will also be some EGG-CELLENT Easter activities. 



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