Scales and shells

Form 4 have been busy measuring again this week in maths.

This time it has been all about weight and capacity though. They estimated the weights of various objects around the classroom and then used digital scales to find out how close they were. They also practised reading scales and converting between units.

In science, there was time for more messy experiments. The children are trying to find out how different liquids affect their teeth. Eggshells have a very similar surface to teeth, so they have covered them in a range of liquids and are awaiting the results next week.
In humanities, they had a go at recreating maps using equipment in the playground. They had to read the plan correctly and then gather the correct pieces in the correct order. It also required the use of teamwork and cooperation. Then they went exploring using Google Earth and had fun trying to find their houses and various places around Otford.
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