Skills for writing great stories

Form 3 have been identifying the elements that make a great story.

Form 3 have been developing their skills as story writers this week. They have used the story of Yeti and Bird to look at the main components of a story and how these components help to engage the reader. The children identified components such as the problem presented in a piece of fiction and how the author resolves it. They then used this model to plan a re-telling of the story.

In the process, the children have been exploring the use of adjectives, interesting verbs and adverbs and the purpose each word class serves in a sentence.

In Mathematics Form 3 have been exploring number patterns and have looked at how knowledge of multiplication facts can be useful to identify the rule of a number pattern. This opened up a discussion about how we can transfer our mental maths knowledge when problem solving. The children were able to think of many scenarios such as using halving when sharing with a sibling, or working out how many weeks’ pocket money would be needed to save to buy a special toy.

In Music, the class continues to learn the songs for the Christmas performance. They sound absolutely fantastic already.