Fly me to the moon

Transition children have been creating planets and asteroids this week!

Our Space and Sky theme has continued this week, with a range of activities to keep little fingers and minds busy!

Following on from the children's half term experiences, sparkly, colourful firework paintings have been completed, (using washing up brushes and pan scourers as our 'paintbrushes'), with plenty of glitter being added too, for the finishing touches.

We have listened to Holst's The Planets - Jupiter and we have come into class with Fly Me to the Moon playing in the background!

Threading wool around circles to create our own planets was great fun and took lots of perseverance, as did threading beads to create asteroids, both of which are now hanging in our classroom!

Mrs Nelson and I took a little trip down memory lane, when we all watched a quick clip from The Clangers (although most of the children knew about them already!) and this inspired them  to create their own play scenarios using suitable props.

Aliens continue to be popular and the children have created a variety of them using tin cans and magnets, along with a very impressive Space Station.  Lots of space counting has taken place too, with the children matching the correct number of gemstones to the astronauts and stars.

With our focus letter sound of 'z' this week, with so many fireworks, rockets and astonauts around in Transition, ZOOM is the word that springs to mind to describe our week!