Hex to hept, oct to pent...

Form 3 have been learning about 2-d shapes and went on a property hunt this week.

Form 3 have had a busy week rehearsing for the Christmas performance while also working hard during their curriculum lessons.

In English, they have written spectacular stories based on the book we've been reading. They injected their own ideas and characters into their stories, coming up with titles such as The Yeti and the Bat, The Yeti and the Toucan, The Yeti and the Hummingbird and The Yeti and the Butterfly. The interesting vocabulary they used in their stories made them a lively and enjoyable read.

In Mathematics, we have been learning about the properties of two-dimensional shapes. Form 3 have shown a real passion for using new mathematical language such as vertices, angles, quadrilaterals and sides to describe and name 2-d shapes. The children also learnt the meaning of prefixes such as quad-, tri-, pent-, hex-, oct- and hept- to help identify how many sides, vertices and angles a shape has.

In Science, Form 3 continue to learn about materials and their properties which culminated in a property hunt around the classroom to see how many different materials we could find and identify why they had been used. The children discussed which of the materials were man-made and which originated from a natural source. They then used their research skills to find information about two contrasting materials of cotton and plastic, creating interesting fact files about each.