Welcome back!

A very big welcome back and a happy new year to all our children and families!

We are so pleased to welcome Eliza, Florence and Vivienne to the Nursery class. We have had a lovely week playing and learning together in Nursery and in the garden. There has been lots of chat about Christmas presents and it sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!

The children have been using their listening skills in music guessing the sounds of different instruments with Mrs Bannister. You can see from the photos there was definitely no peeping, just lots of wonderful listening!

Some of the children have used the computers in The Hub and shared stories together in the library.

We are looking forward to a very busy and fun term with the children. Next week we have with lots of activities about Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Mrs Sayers and I would like to thank you all for the very lovely and thoughtful Christmas presents. It was so generous of you all.