A visit to Logic Island

Form 6 have been balancing boats, setting up cogwheels, transforming fish and lots more...

Form 6 went to Logic Island this week to solve a range of puzzles presented by a visiting company. Logic Island was in the Russell Hall so we did not have far to travel.

We had a great time balancing boats, setting up cogwheels, transforming fish, using coordinates and solving tile-matching puzzles - to mention just a few. We teamed up with Form 7 and each team had members of our own flourishing Puzzle Solvers Club. We learnt a lot about working together which is so more than simply taking turns.

The children all said they enjoyed the activities and voted the Transport Trucks as their favourite puzzle. The presenter was impressed with the concentration of the children and their perseverance in solving some quite tricky and unusual puzzles.

On Friday we have the first meeting of the Puzzle Solvers Club and we will be exploring some new and exciting games.