Questions and more questions!

Form 2 have been solving puzzles but haven't got to the bottom of the Loch Ness Monster conundrum

A very exciting Puzzle Day on Monday began with complex thinking, evaluating and working as a team to complete many fun, challenging puzzles. Form 2 worked extremely well with Form 3 and they completed many of the challenges with great perseverance.

This week the children are writing a story based around Tiddalick, the frog who drank all the water in Australia. The children had to change the characters and the setting to make their own version. They worked together in groups to brainstorm their ideas and they then shared them with the class. It was very interesting hearing their exciting, creative stories.

This week in maths the children are working on worded problems using addition and subtraction. They acted out some of the problems and they even made up their own.

This term we are learning about light so Form 2 had to think of all the different light sources. They then sorted them into different groups which prompted a lot of discussion.

Form 2 continue to learn about Scotland and they thought about questions to ask Mr McCarthy, who is very knowledgeable and loves talking to the children about one of his favourite locations. We had an interesting and sensible debate about the Loch Ness monster when the children put forward some interesting points. We had those who strongly believed in the existence of the monster and those who were not convinced it was there at all.