Big bears, medium bears and tiny bears

Such fun with the porridge oats this week in Nursery!

The children made porridge for the three bears and of course Goldilocks! They have been comparing sizes of the thee bears, their bowls, chairs and beds when role-playing, and talking about huge, medium and small or teeny weeny.

Through story telling and singing, the children have been fabulous at recalling the characters and events during their play. We added brushes to the oats so the children could make patterns, lines and circles using their gross motor skills. The brushes were then used to paint the climbing equipment with water!

The children drew fantastic pictures of Goldilocks and the bears in their special books and they practised their cutting skills while making stick puppets of the characters. We created bear masks for our display and the week was rounded off making yummy, sticky flapjacks with yet more oats!

The children have been enjoying dressing up as favourite super heroes and princesses. They have played racing games on bikes in the garden and listened to favourite stories together.