A lightbulb moment

Form 3 created a human circuit as part of their investigations into electricity.

This week Form 3 have been investigating how electricity travels from its power source to the device it is powering. The children began exploring the origin of the word circuit and the similarities to the word ‘circle’.

This gave them some clues as to how electricity travels and they created a human circuit, investigating how a ‘pulse ‘ or the squeeze of a hand could be passed around the circuit. They investigated what happened when the human circuit was broken and applied this knowledge when building an electrical circuit.

The children went to the science lab to build their own electrical circuits. They were given the challenge of lighting a small bulb. Form 3 had to use their problem solving skills to decide what components were needed and how to assemble the circuit. They then investigated how adding a switch could act as a break in the circuit.

In our PSHE lessons the children have been exploring the concept of fairness. This week we discussed a variety of scenarios and decided if they were fair or not. I was very impressed by how eloquently the children explained their reasoning for their choices and by the respect shown to one another if their opinions differed.