A colourful week

It's been a colourful week in the Nursery.

The children have been exploring colours through science activities and messy play!

We added marbling inks to a tray of water and the children observed the colours mixing together to make some fabulous marbling space pictures. They used pipettes to squeeze colours into water to create new colours. The also used the pipettes to squeeze the coloured water into pots and containers exploring simple volume and measure.

Lots of coloured objects were involved in the activity of 'count me, sort me'. The children grouped the items into different sized compartments of boxes. There was some fabulous counting and matching numbers to quantities.

They used coloured squares to make mosaic frames for photos of the children and, as they looked at textures, they used lovely descriptions of the 'bumpy', 'squishy' and 'soft' materials.

They played with Elmer and friends in a jungle environment with sand, stones and leaves. The children also joined in a memory game using fantastic thinking skills to name the 'missing' toys from the tray. During the game we listened to the initial sounds of 'p', 's', 'd', and 'c'.

In Music, the children are learning the Yes I can song and a funny song about elephants and wrinkles! They have been listening to different beats using the tambourines and marching to the Grand Old Duke of York.