Matching money

Form 3 have been playing games to recognise the value of different coins.

Form 3 have embraced the outdoors this week, enjoying their games lessons. They joined forces with Form 2 on Monday to play team games in their houses.

The children were fantastic and demonstrated their developing skills when working as a team. Form 3 had to work together in both defence and attack positions to collect as many beanbags of their house colour as possible. Their awareness of their positioning and verbal communication with one another allowed for a successful and competitive session with all teams working well together.

In Mathematics the children have been learning about money. They began the week playing a game to recognise different coins and notes used in British currency. Form 3 then used their mental maths skills to find the total of a group of coins and fine tune their addition skills to add totals from a shopping list. The children have also been busy converting pence into pounds and pence.

In English, Form 3 have been learning how to punctuate speech. They thought of their own conversation between the main characters of our story, Lost and Found, and then used inverted commas to show the direct speech between the penguin and the boy. The children impressed me with their fantastic use of synonyms for the word ‘said’. It made their dialogue much more interesting and expressed how the characters were feeling.