Form 1 are ready to fly!

It's amazing how much maths connects with paper aeroplanes.

In this particularly cold wintery weather we have comforted ourselves by turning our attention to warmer climates which, of course, often necessitates air travel.  

With this in mind we took the opportunity to use our skills at making paper aeroplanes which involved listening carefully to instructions and then folding paper accurately. Naturally the children had a go at flying their creations and then used their mathematical understanding and language to work out which aeroplanes had gone the farthest and which were closer.

The children then measured the distances by counting their footsteps and then compared numbers to see which one was the highest. Then they had to use their knowledge and language of ordinal numbers. There was certainly a lot of thinking going on with a great amount of mathematical language used as well. As in any game they made sure it was played fairly and competitors were cheered and congratulated for winning as well as taking part. So much learning whilst having lots of fun.

Another activity which led to some wonderful drawings and emergent writing was the Form 1 ‘trip’ on an aeroplane to somewhere much warmer.  The children walked down the aisle, took their seats, fastened their seatbelts and listened carefully to announcements by our pilot.  During their flight they enjoyed being served drinks and ‘light refreshments’  by the very efficient flight attendants and even though they experienced a bit of turbulence, thoroughly enjoyed their journey and landed safely!