Goats, Trolls and Snow!

There have been lots of goats in the Nursery classroom and garden this week

Such a lot of trip-trapping over bridges this week in Nursery. The children have retold the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff using the goats to trip trap over the bridge with the noisy troll trying to eat them!

In the garden the children took on roles as goats and trolls trip-trapping over the wooden equipment. They used all sorts of media to design some amazing trolls constructed from clay. They also made goats and trolls from playdough with lots of squeezing and squashing.

The children used the split pins to join legs onto the goats and drew wonderful pictures of goats and troll in their Special Books. A wooden bridge was made over a paper river which the children enjoyed creating. They also worked out how to stop the paper rolling up by finding heavy objects to stop it.

With all this going on, the children have still had time to watch the squirrel and birds eating the last of the porridge oats in the garden. They showed their work in Pre Prep assembly and visited Amber's House on the paddock in the winter sunshine.

We were very lucky to have Form 7 play Over the Rainbow and America on their violins and some of the Nursery children were able to play the violins too! And finally the children were very excited to see the sprinkling of snow on Wednesday and enjoyed exploring the snow and ice in the garden - they are hoping for more on Friday!