Our electric assembly!

Assembly positively crackled with energy when Form 3 took to the stage!

Form 3 have been busy sharing their knowledge this week with a spectacular assembly about electricity. The children have been so inspired by the subject that they were able to explain how circuits work, write a poem about electricity and learn a song.

They put their amazing acting skills to good use as they acted out scenarios to teach the rest of the school how to be safe around electricity.

The theme of safety continued with Internet Safety Week. The children have been thinking about how to keep themselves safe when online. They discussed how the choices we make can influence our safety when using the Internet.

In Humanities, Form 3 have further developed their knowledge of Egyptians and carried out a study of Tutankhamen and the discovery of his tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter. They have been honing their observation skills by closely studying photographic evidence from the discovery of the tomb, noting in fine detail what they could see. The children then put themselves in the position of Howard Carter and thought of questions they would ask about the discovery had they been there.