Car sharing rocks!

Form 7 have been thinking about what they can do to help the environment locally.

Enthusiasm abounds for the Amazon project this week, as Form 7 began their research in earnest. Each pupil has chosen an Amazonian country on which to base their project and they have begun by collating basic statistics. These have included population, currency, capital city, significant mountains or rivers (other than the Amazon) and a host of other facts which have popped up throughout their research. 

In talking about the rainforest, of course the topic of deforestation has arisen. It was wonderful to see the pupils taking this idea into their own work, by thinking carefully before printing and sharing resources, to prevent wastage.

In the same vein, the class has been thinking about how they can help the environment more locally. They discussed the pros and cons of car sharing and decided that it was a great way to alleviate stress, traffic and pollution in one fell swoop. They created some striking posters to encourage car sharing at Russell House and they hope to take the idea further, once established here.

Also putting others before themselves this week were the School Council, who met with the Chairman of Otford Parish Council, Nick Rushby, to discuss how Russell House can help the local community. Many ideas were discussed and Mr Rushby also got the School Councillors thinking about the structure and responsibilities of local government. Watch this space for more information!