Zoom, zoom, we're going to the moon

Rockets, aliens, flying saucers and a dragon have all been part of the Nursery children's week.

The Nursery children have been busy with activities relating to the moon and celebrating Chinese New Year this week. They enjoyed listening to The Way Back Home and other space stories and non-fiction books. They have made rockets with their names on to count down from 10 to blast off. They also explored the pink moon sand and the astronauts and space ships in the black glitter.

The children looked at different shapes when they made their very own aliens and have been singing Little Men in Flying Saucers and Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to the Moon.

We had lots of fun designing our very own Chinese dragon and we even visited the other Pre-Prep classes to show them our colourful and friendly dragon! The Russell Robins kindly shared their noodles with us which we enjoyed tasting very much!

The children also had a go at their own Chinese writing and made red lucky envelopes with yummy chocolate coins inside. In the home corner there has been a Chinese restaurant with menus being written and food shared with our friends.

In Music the children explored the sounds of the flute this week - it was very difficult to make a sound with the instrument but there was fabulous puffing from the children! We have also been enjoying lots of play outside in the sunshine and dodging the showers.

We are especially looking forward to our superhero theme next week as it continues to be a favourite choice of many of the children.